Ski and Snowboard Service


Ski and snowboard tuning at Route 31 Bike, Board & Ski

Why tune your skis or board?

         A perfectly tuned ski or snowboard has edges that are sharp and free from nicks and a base that is smooth and has a good coating of wax. This allows the ski or board to turn properly (especially on icy surfaces) and to glide over the snow with as little effort as possible. Over time the friction of the snow and foreign materials can remove the wax coating and nick or gouge the base. The edges also rust further reducing your ability to turn.

        When you bring your equipment in to Route 31 Bike, Board & Ski, an examination is performed to determine what service is required. In most cases a basic tune will sufice. In this operation the edges are sharpened to the proper angle, polished and detuned if requested. The base is cleaned and if necessary, sanded to remove scratches. Sometimes these scratches are too deep and need to be filled with P-Tex. Wax is then applied either with a machine waxer or by hand in a process known as iron waxing. In general terms, an iron wax gives a superior and longer lasting wax to your equipment. The machine wax is best suited as a quick touch up for a recently tuned board or ski.

        A ski or snowboard is not manufactured with a perfectly smooth base, rather it has a fine pattern similar in function to the treads of an automobile tire which are called rills. After a base is sanded several times, a stone grind is required to replace the rills removed by sanding. The rill pattern can be customized for varying snow conditions.


Ski/ Board Service Rates

Quick Wax  $6.99
Basic Tune and Quick Wax $24.99
Basic Tune and Iron Wax $39.99

Stone Grind Tune with Quick Wax  $49.99
Stone Grind Tune with Iron Wax  $59.99

Adjust Bindings (purchased at RT 31) $14.99
Adjust Bindings (not purchased at RT 31) $19.99

Mount Ski Bindings (purchased at RT 31)  $29.99
Mount Ski Bindings (not purchased at RT 31)  $49.99
Remount Ski Bindings (purchased at RT 31)  $39.99
Remount Ski Bindings (not purchased at RT 31)  $59.99

Mount Snowboard Bindings (purchased at RT 31)  $19.99
Mount Snowboard Bindings (not purchased at RT 31)  $29.99
Remount Snowboard Bindings (purchased at RT 31)  $24.99
Remount Snowboard Bindings (not purchased at RT 31)  $34.99