Bike Service

Bike service at Route 31 Bike, Board & Ski, Somerset, PA

Bike Tune Up-Standard: $49.99

Complete safety check, tire inflation, drivetrain lube, brake and gear adjustment and minor wheel truing.

Bike Tune Up-Major: $89.99

All basic tune services, plus adjustment and lube of any serviceable bearings.

Bike Overhaul-Major: $159.99

All above services plus new cables and housing.


Brake System

Adjust Brakes  $9.99
Replace Brake Pads (each) $9.99
Replace Brake Cable OR Housing $9.99
Replace Brake Cable AND Housing $14.99
Bleed Disc Brakes (Per Wheel) $24.99


Cable OR Housing Replacement $9.99
Derailleur Adjustment $12.99
Replace Chain $13.99
Cable AND Housing Replacement $14.99
Replace Cog-set $14.99
Replace/Install Derailleur $24.99

Wheels & Hubs

Replace/Install Rim Tape $5.99
Replace Tube or Tire (wheel off) $12.99
True Wheel (per wheel) $14.99
Replace Tube or Tire (wheel on) $14.99
Rebuild Front Wheel $39.99
Rebuild Rear Wheel  $49.99

All individual labor rates are “per each” unless otherwise specified.
Price of parts are not included in labor rates unless otherwise specified.

All other labor not listed is $50/hour.